The Best News & Current Affairs Magazines

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The Best News & Current Affairs Magazines

The Best News & Current Affairs Magazines

In this busy, ever-changing modern world, keeping up with the latest news affecting society is more important than ever. With politics, the economy, world issues and everything in between continuously evolving - keeping informed and up-to-date is crucial in both our personal and professional lives. Knowledge is power, and attaining the correct knowledge is as fascinating as it is beneficial.

Here at, we understand the importance of a dependable news magazine. We all like to know what’s going on in the world, but with so many current affairs magazines fighting for your attention, it can be tough to source relevant, topical, and trustworthy information. Luckily - we are here to help.

Packed with trusted insights from experts, current affairs articles from respected journalists, and up-to-date news from respected voices within the industry - a news and current affairs magazine subscription is a surefire way to keep you engaged and informed every time a new issue lands at your door.

Our comprehensive range of news and current affairs publications provides you with a more accurate and deeper understanding of the issues we face today and the ones likely to emerge in the future. Read on to find the perfect news and current affairs magazine for you, and learn why they are so popular…

Reader's Digest magazine

1. Reader's Digest

World-renowned and widely respected - Reader’s Digest has been educating its loyal reader base for over a century. Featuring much more than just need-to-know news, each monthly issue offers real-life stories, advice columns, and guidance on how to better manage your finances, your health, and every other aspect of your life. Featuring expertly written content alongside eye-opening photography, this hugely popular title is a must-have for anyone looking to broaden their horizons. Proud to be the largest circulating magazine in the world, Reader’s Digest is the current affairs magazine that helps you learn about the wider world - whilst improving your own.

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The Week magazine

2. The Week

Presented to you in an easily digestible format, The Week brings together the best of British and international media into one weekly publication. Covering current affairs and topics from around the globe in a light-hearted yet informative way, The Week is the perfect choice for those who like to be entertained whilst learning what’s going on in the world. With articles on politics, sports, entertainment, technology, business and the arts - as well as eye-opening interviews and insights from experts of their respective industries, The Week magazine subscription is sure to satisfy your current affairs curiosities every time it lands through your letterbox.

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The Week Junior magazine

3. The Week Junior

For young minds who are curious and inquisitive, The Week Junior offers a quality combination of education and entertainment that is certain to quench a youthful thirst for knowledge. Brought to you by the widely respected team behind ‘The Week’, this current affairs magazine is created for children between the ages of 8 - 14 and is packed full of the latest news and issues faced by our modern world today. Each week, The Week Junior features informative and insightful content that gives your children a deeper understanding of the issues they see on news bulletins and on social media. Whether your child is keen on science, loves nature, is fascinated by technology, or simply wants to learn more about everything going on in the world today - The Week Junior magazine subscription is at hand to enhance their interests each and every week.

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The Oldie magazine

4. The Oldie

Fun, free-thinking and fully focused on offering something a little different to other news outlets - The Oldie is a monthly news magazine for those looking for a laugh. Encouraging you to look at the brighter side of life, this hugely popular magazine highlights the latest news in an informative yet humorous format to ensure that your consumption of current event content isn't always doom and gloom. With over 100 pages of quick-witted articles, travel tips, articles, reviews and more - The Oldie is loaded with laughter to ensure that your staying in the loop is as fun as it is factual.

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Prospect magazine

5. Prospect

Created for those who love a debate - Prospect expertly highlights commonly debated topics in a bid to encourage independent thinking and deeper conversation. Celebrating curiosity, this independent and authoritative monthly magazine focuses on current affairs, the economy, politics, and the arts to help you form your own opinion on the most important issues faced by society today. Pondering all of the biggest questions and offering arguments for and against a wide variety of topics - Prospect stands proud as one of the best political magazines available on the market today.

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TIME magazine


Trusted worldwide, TIME has been a reliable source of news since 1923. Presented in an easily digestible format that is focused on providing the truth - this current affairs magazine is released twice a month to ensure that you are never kept out of the loop. Honoured to be considered one of the most respected and informative guides to current world events - TIME is resolute in its goal to provide only the facts. Featuring expert-led articles, views and opinions from respected journalists, and imagery from some of the world’s greatest photographers - a TIME magazine subscription brings you intel and insight from the front lines of news stories from all over the globe.

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The Spectator magazine

7. The Spectator

The Spectator is the must-have political magazine for those keen to keep up to date with British politics, culture, and current affairs. Providing a weekly outlook for the past 190 years, this highly regarded title holds its finger on the pulse of society to keep you informed and engaged every time a new issue is released. Featuring insights and opinions from the very best British journalists, authors, critics, and cartoonists - The Spectator is an informed and intelligent current affairs magazine that is observant, opinionated and always on point. Packed full of cultural commentary from both left and right-wing writers, The Spectator is sure to broaden your political horizons every time a new edition arrives at your door.

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The New Statesman

8. The New Statesman

Proud to be one of Britain’s leading current affairs magazines - The New Statesman is a progressive political and cultural publication that promotes free-thinking and thought-provoking opinion. Released weekly, The New Statesman features a diverse range of topics that shape the world we live in today. Covering every news topic imaginable - from geopolitics to the public sector and the arts to finance, The New Statesman is a continuous resource of information and intelligence that boasts quality writing and analysis each and every week.

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The Critic magazine

9. The Critic

The Critic is the must-have monthly current affairs magazine that focuses on politics, art, literature and more. Offering open-minded readers honest criticism, world-class writing, and thought-provoking questioning - this monthly magazine offers a fascinating insight into the latest news and developments from all over the globe. Never shy to ask hard-hitting questions, The Critic explores every inch of current affairs to ensure that you are engaged and informed every time a new issue is released. Designed to challenge the status quo and developed to encourage political and cultural debates, this comprehensive title sits proudly as one of the best current affairs magazines available today.

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Fortune magazine

10. Fortune

Offering a wealth of knowledge every month - Fortune is the UK’s bestselling business magazine for a reason. Created to keep you up to date with the latest business and financial news, this hugely popular title is a must-have for individuals looking to enhance both their personal and professional growth. Packed with eye-opening articles, interviews with titans of the business sector, and all the stats and figures you could possibly need to better navigate the fascinating business landscape - Fortune is considered one of the best news magazines available on the market today. Released as bi-monthly double issues, a Fortune magazine subscription is the smart way to bring you a step closer to reaching your maximum business potential.

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MoneyWeek magazine

11. MoneyWeek

Focused on helping you make the most out of your money - MoneyWeek is the must-read financial title for those hoping to protect and advance their monetary assets. Honoured to be Britain’s bestselling financial magazine, this weekly publication is packed full of sound financial advice, hot stock tips, and the very latest economic news from both the UK and abroad. Featuring expert insights into how to make your finances go further and presented in an easy-to-digest format that caters to everyone, a MoneyWeek magazine subscription is essential for anyone looking to be more financially astute in the ever-changing economic environment.

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With plenty of news and current affairs publications to choose from - there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for light-hearted news, a title fully focused on the facts, or want an easy-to-digest title that will always keep you in the know - we have the perfect news and current affairs magazine subscription for you. Take a look at our bestselling magazines to find your ideal news partner.