The 5 Best Pets Magazines

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The 5 Best Pets MagazinesThe 5 Best Pets Magazines

Cute and cuddly, slithery and scaly or fierce and furry, pets come in all different shapes, sizes and species. We pick them out, take them home and treat them as one of the family - where they quickly become a very cherished and dear companion. 

So whether you’re looking for a new furry friend or you’re a proud owner of a cute creature already, here at, we have the 5 best pets magazines to help you celebrate your loving pet and give them the very best life they deserve!  

1. Your Dog

The 5 Best Pets Magazines


Are you a proud owner of a happy tail wagger? Or perhaps you’re in search of a cuddly companion to be there to greet you after a long day? With Your Dog magazine, you’ll find everything you need to know about raising your beloved dog to be the happiest and healthiest it can be. Maximise your knowledge of dogs with a monthly subscription to Your Dog - filled with tips on training and tricks, features on understanding your dog’s strengths, weaknesses and behaviours, the latest doggy treats and toys to pamper your beloved pooch and much more. Celebrate your four-legged friend with the ultimate dog lovers magazine and commit to giving your precious pup a well-trained and happy lifestyle.       

2. Your Cat

The 5 Best Pets Magazines


Crazy for cats? We have just the feline-friendly magazine you are sure to adore! Your Cat magazine is the perfect monthly glossy for all cat lovers and proud owners of fabulous felines. Each month, enjoy true cat tales from fellow readers, as well as fictional exclusives from leading authors such as Chris Pascoe’s super entertaining ‘Confessions of a Cat Sitter’ column. Enjoy 90+ pages of expert cat advice, adorable photographs, health and behavioural tips and much more. Whether you’re raising your very first kitten or you’re in need of a little light-hearted cat entertainment, Your Cat magazine has it all.   

3. World of Pets

The 5 Best Pets Magazines


Dog, cat, bird or fish, the world is full of fabulous creatures - some of which we are lucky enough to call as pets! The World of Pets magazine offers a great range of fascinating information about different pets and their behaviours, as well as expert care advice. No matter which animals you look after, The World of Pets magazine is a must-read for all pet-lovers looking to expand their knowledge and really explore the many different pets of today. With a monthly subscription, you can discover just how much pets enrich our lives and the many ways in which they can assist with even our own health and overall well-being.

4. Practical Pigs

The 5 Best Pets Magazines


Informative, entertaining and the quintessential quarterly read for all pig enthusiasts and owners! Practical Pigs magazine is dedicated to those who keep pigs as a hobby, for profit or who are simply interested in owning a jolly little piggy. In each issue, you’ll discover wonderful welfare advice, detailed journalism and an array of entertaining stories - all focused around wonderfully plump oinkers. Discover everything you need to know about raising your own pigs - from breeding them to feeding them. Plus, explore the many different breeds of pigs you can choose from in every issue!   

5. Practical Reptile Keeping

The 5 Best Pets Magazines


Whether it hops, scuttles or sneakily slithers, Practical Reptile Keeping magazine has something for all reptile owners and lovers. From snakes and lizards to turtles and amphibians, you can read all about your most-beloved scaly creatures every month with a subscription to Practical Reptile Keeping. Discover in-depth care advice, breeding tips, answers to readers’ questions, the latest health information in the reptile world, exclusive interviews with leading experts and stunning photographs of your favourite cold-blooded creatures. So, if you’re in the market for a super scaly companion, why not load up on all the information you need to know, with your very own Practical Reptile Keeping magazine subscription?

The world is made up of fascinating creatures and wild animals, and here at it’s easy to learn all about them with your very own science and nature magazine subscription. Discover nature, science, pets and fantastic wildlife every month!