The 5 Best Cycling Magazines

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The 5 best cycling magazinesThe 5 Best Cycling Magazines

When comfortably seated in the saddle, you and your bicycle work together as one, just like a well-oiled machine - where a firm grip of the handlebars help to steer in the right direction, legs pump, while feet pedal and a pair of wheels are set in motion. It doesn’t matter the speed you produce, all that matters is the open road ahead for you and your bike to explore.

Whether for exercise, sport, recreation or simply a means of getting from point A to B, cycling offers a feeling of ease, as well as adventure, all-the-while benefiting your overall health and well-being. If you’re striving to become the next Lance Armstrong or looking for a less stressful daily commute, we have the 5 best cycling magazines to help you reach your road-riding goals.   

Get ready to strap on your helmets, lace up your trainers, adjust your seats and take off cycling into the sunset (or whenever you like). The 5 best cycling magazines here at, will get you motivated and inspired to hop on your bike and discover where the road will take you next.

1. Cycling Plus

Cycling Plus Magazine

Amateur, hobby or semi-professional cyclist, Cycling Plus magazine doesn’t discriminate. It is the cycling guide that gives you everything from learning how to improve your riding technique to the latest and greatest biking gear you can rock throughout your progress.

If you’re looking to invest in a new bike or interested in trying different types of cycling, Cycling Plus offers you the most trusted advice and information you need to succeed in your cycling career. Cycling Plus also promotes a healthy lifestyle, offering you valuable nutritional tips to help you become a stronger cyclist and cover impressive distances.


2. Procycling

Procycling magazine

Have you got a keen interest in the sport of cycling? Procycling is the magazine that brings you everything you need to know about the worldwide sport of road cycling. Be inspired and entertained by interviews with famous cyclists as they share invaluable advice and tips from their cycling careers.

Stay up-to-date with the latest races, rankings and statistics from the cycling world and always follow along with the careers of your favourite road riders. Procycling has just the right amount of information, advice and reviews to motivate you to take on the road and improve your cycling - whatever level you’re at.  


3. Bikes Etc

Bikes Etc Magazine

The only way to get the very best out of your cycling experience is to be paired up with the perfect bicycle. Finding a bike that fits you just right and provides you with the utmost comfort can have its challenges, however, with a Bikes Etc magazine, the search is made easy. Bikes Etc are the experts when it comes to investing in a new bike or cycling kit and gear.

With reliable reviews on bike performance and advice on maintenance, you and your bike can always ride stress-free. Bikes Etc magazine even reveals to you some of the best roads and destinations to take your beloved wheels for a little cycling tour. It’ll be a match made in cycling heaven when you let Bike Etc guide you through buying your next bike.     


4. Cyclist

Cyclist Magazine

Do you want to take in the fresh, crisp air while you pedal your way through the most picturesque of cycling routes? With Cyclist magazine you can finally take your passion for cycling to the next level as you browse through in-depth articles, expert advice and breathtaking photography.

Cyclist magazine inspires you to go the distance and get the most out of your cycling experience. It’s all about the thrill of the ride and where the road can take you with Cyclist magazine - read about the most exhilarating cycle routes, expert opinions on training and nutrition and inspiring stories of the most influential cyclists. Your cycling journey starts here with Cyclist magazine.     


5. Cycling Weekly

Cycling Weekly Magazine
It is there for you each and every week to keep you motivated, it is the one and only Cycling Weekly - Britain’s most reliable source when it comes to you and your bike. From race reports to credible fitness advice, Cycling Weekly fulfils the needs of every passionate and active cyclist.

Discover the best routes to ride in Britain, as well as staying up-to-date on international cycling news. Never miss a ride and the opportunity to explore new scenic routes or take your cycling to new heights with a Cycling Weekly magazine subscription. The time is now to train harder, ride faster or become a new starter in the world of cycling.


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