How magazines can motivate and inspire

Parenting blogger Kerry from Lived With Love shares an inspiring moment from June’s edition of Good Housekeeping Magazine.


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Health food kicks from Olive magazine

Food blogger Jo, from Jo’s Kitchen, reviews Olive magazine and tries out a recipe for a wholesome blueberry and flax breakfast muffin.


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HELLO! and OK! are two of the best-selling magazines, both here on and across the country.

At first glance they seem pretty similar. They both have red logos. They’re both exclamations! And their front covers are both plastered with famous faces and sensationally shocking headlines.

So are there really that many differences? How’s a guy or gal supposed to choose between the two?

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Cosmopolitan's eyeliners that last

Fashion & beauty blogger Gwen from This Fashion Is Mine grabs some eyeliner advice from the June edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine.


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Adventure Time Magazine review with Handbags to Changebags

Parenting blogger Emma Kershaw from Handbags to Changebags reviews kids magazine, the contagiously peculiar Adventure Time. adventure time review

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Hog haberdashery with Sew Magazine

Gwen McMullin from fashion blog This Fashion Is Mine had a go at one of the DIY challenges in May’s edition of Sew Magazine


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GQ Magazine review with Sam Squire

Men’s fashion blogger and self-proclaimed modest style god, Sam Squire, reviews May’s edition of GQ magazine.

gq magazine review sam squire

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Good Food Magazine review by Lived With Love

Parenting and lifestyle blogger, Kerry Dyer from Lived With Love, gets her teeth stuck in to the recent editions of BBC’s Good Food Magazine.

good food magazine subscription review
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Punctuation — is it necessary?

Image via Kevin Trotman

There was a mixed reaction when the idea for this article was first batted about the office. The non-writers reared up in apprehension: “What a boring idea. Who would read an article about punctuation?” they scorned.

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Animals in space

Image via Polandeze

Animals have been sent into space since the first rockets left earth. From flies and ants to monkeys and dogs - we’ve sent all kinds of creatures across the final frontier to observe their behaviour in outer space conditions.

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