The 5 Best Running Magazines

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The 5 Best Running Magazines The 5 Best Running Magazines

When is it that you feel the most free? Maybe it is when the wind brushes against your face as your feet pick up a steady pace. The moment when your heart beats through your chest, your lungs capture and release your every breath, your muscles contract with each stride and tiny drops of sweat fly from your entire being. Maybe you feel the most free when you set off on a good and steady run.

Lace up your trainers, turn your go-to playlist on full blast and discover your speed. The beauty of running is that it is an exercise where you do not have to be confined to one single space, it can simply take you anywhere!

Whether you’re an avid trainer looking to take on your next marathon or you’re seeking a motivational boost to get you sprinting out the door, then the 5 best running magazines from are just what you need. Find expert advice, guidance and tips fully related and relevant to the practice of running.

1. Runner’s World

Runner's World Magazine

The leader of the pack and the expert in finding your perfect stride, Runner’s World magazine is the ultimate running guide. Marathoner, racer or jogger, whatever your speed, Runner’s World caters to all who have a passion for pounding the pavement. With useful tips and advice on how to prevent injury and maintain a healthy runner’s lifestyle, it is no wonder that Runner’s World has earned its top title as the UK’s best-selling running magazine. Readers can enjoy heaps of valuable and insightful running related information - whether it’s from exclusive interviews with famous Olympic athletes or ‘how-to’ feature articles for all levels, there is something to keep every runner motivated and inspired within the pages of a Runner’s World magazine.       

2. Women’s Running

Women's Running Magazine

It is the ideal fitness companion, the one and only Women’s Running magazine - a running guide tailored to all the fast and fierce females of the world. Combining a healthy mix of workout guides, motivational stories, nutritious food recipes and of course, the most stylish and trendy running gear - it is the leading magazine for female runners of any age. The time is now to plan your path and achieve your personal best - take on your stride in confidence and feed yourself the motivation you need with a Women’s Running magazine.        


3. Men’s Running

Men's Running Magazine

Gentlemen, it is time to go the distance and get your pulse racing with a Men’s Running magazine. Men’s Running magazine offers men of all ages the opportunity to fully improve their health, nutrition and stamina. With 120+ pages, you will discover the many tips, tricks and essential advice you need to increase the speed of your sprint. Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight, but with the help and guidance of a Men’s Running magazine, you can easily take leaps in your progress and finally achieve the results you’ve been longing for. From reviews of high-tech, workout equipment to guides on off-road running, Men’s Running has everything you need to take your running journey to the next level.       


4. Trail Running

Trail Running Magazine

Looking to take your exercise routine on a whole new adventure? Why not go for the path less travelled and take your trainers for a spin in some muddy off-road running? With a Trail  Running magazine, you can have the best of both worlds - the beauty of the great outdoors and a great and satisfying workout. Discover new and exciting off-road routes to try for your next run or leisurely jog, as well as endless photos and motivating stories from fellow trail runners. The idea of running doesn’t seem so daunting when it’s accompanied by beautiful views, fresh air and an exciting new place to explore. Let Trail Running magazine give you the ins and outs of off-road running and let it inspire you to go the distance.

5. Athletics Weekly

Athletics Weekly

Jump into the world of sporting stars and athletes - track and field or cross-country, it’s all here with an Athletics Weekly magazine. Stay up to date on the latest news, interviews, reviews and up-and-coming talent in the world of athletics. Covering plenty of topics related to Olympic level sports, competitions and even advice on training and nutrition - Athletics Weekly is sure to have you feeling inspired and pumped up about your next cardio workout.

Is running not the only form of exercise you’re passionate about?
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