The 5 Best Technology Magazines

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The 5 best technology magazines

The 5 Best Technology Magazines

Whether you're looking to learn more about your computer, eager to purchase the latest tech or curious about the impact technology has on our world, we have a magazine for you. Keep up with the world’s fastest-changing industry and discover the 5 best technology magazines here at!


1. Stuff 

Stuff Magazine

Packed full of reviews on all the latest tech, Stuff magazine provides easy to digest breakdowns of products covering the whole range of consumer electronics. Stuff gives unbiased and enlightening reviews to allow you to make informed decisions on your technology and get the best product for you. 

For those not looking to buy but stay abreast of tech news, Stuff presents all the latest stories in the world of electronics so you never get left behind. Covering everything from phones to drones, Stuff magazine is an essential subscription for anyone in need of their tech fix.


2. Computeractive

Computeractive Magazine

In an increasingly technology-reliant world, it has become vital to understand the basics of computers and the internet. To make the most of the technology and keep your data safe, Computeractive answers your computing questions with articles written without technical jargon yet packed with information catering to all levels of knowledge. All guides and reviews are written in plain English with the goal of making computers, and their many benefits, accessible to all. Computeractive magazine will take the stress out of using your PC and make computing fun, easy and efficient.


3. PC Pro 

Pc Pro Magazine

PC Pro magazine offers readers a healthy variety of IT news updates, reviews, technology developments, tests and best buys. As the name suggests, PC Pro is not an entry-level read as it uses more complex, computer-oriented language than many of its competitors. This means it is able to cover more focused and in-depth topics as well as more niche technology and software, making it the perfect read for IT professionals and enthusiasts. 

PC Pro conducts lab tests for all of its product reviews, providing reliable information on all new tech releases so you know you’re investing your money wisely. A PC Pro magazine subscription is a must for all computing enthusiasts.


4. Wired

Wired Magazine

With its focus not limited only to the technology itself, Wired takes a broader look at the impact of technology on the world in which we live, examining how our rapidly improving technology is influencing art, architecture, politics and science. 

As a self-described ‘predictor of change’, Wired presents the people, from academics to activists, shaping our world in conjunction with these advancements. Despite this Wired remains a technology magazine through and through, with all the features you would expect, honest reviews of the latest products as well as guides and tips to help you navigate through the world of technology. Wired magazine delivers a comprehensive and well-rounded view on technology with more to offer than meets the eye.


5. Web User

Web User Magazine

Web User is a perfect companion for anyone who finds themselves daunted by the Internet or is seeking to make the most of their time on the web. With practical guides to useful programs and software, Web User is perfect for increasing your confidence and safety while searching the web. 

Each issue contains reviews of brand new software to make your life easier and maximise your online utility as well as educational and simply entertaining sites for those at a loose end. For techies of all abilities, there's always something to discover with a Web User magazine subscription.


Get stuck into the world of tech when you subscribe to one of our 5 best technology magazines. Or you can browse our entire range of technology magazine subscriptions to find the right one for you.


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