The Best Nature Magazines

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The Best Nature Magazines

Nature is a powerful thing. Being amongst the trees, stars, sea, and open-air can unlock a deeper understanding of the world around you and raise your spirits whilst forming a deeper connection with the planet we call home. Modern lifestyles can often take us away from nurturing our natural needs, and it is important to put down our phones, clock out, and breathe in some fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Here at - we understand the healing powers of being close to nature. We implore everyone to take some precious free time away from technology and the conveniences of modern living to reconnect with both each other and the natural landscapes that surround us. Our selection of nature magazines can help you explore and discover a huge variety of topics that can revitalise and rejuvenate your outlook, better appreciate our wonderful world, and provide you with a calmer, more considerate outlook.

Whether you are an avid animal lover, aspiring astrologer, eager explorer, or simply want to embark on an exciting new adventure - our guide to the best nature magazines is certain to inspire your intrigue, navigate your needs, and progress your passion for all things nature and the great outdoors.

From science and wildlife to geography and astrology - we have the perfect nature magazine subscription for nature lovers of all ages, interests, experience levels, and abilities. Packed with incredible photography, fascinating insights, and expert-led articles, these informative and inspiring titles are filled with education and encouragement that will have you or your nature-loving recipient eager to explore every time a new issue arrives at your door.


Science+Nature magazine

Designed to spark the natural and scientific curiosities of children and parents alike - Science+Nature is packed full of engaging and educational articles that will answer the many questions that occupy a young and inquisitive mind. Featuring everything from super humans and astonishing animals to space missions and amazing facts about the great outdoors, this magazine has something to pique your child's interest every month. Created for children between the ages of 8 and 15, Science+Nature focuses on technology, science, maths, nature, and much more to ensure that their interests (and yours) are catered to each time a new issue lands at your door.

National Geographic + Nat Geo Kids & Little Kids

National Geographic magazine subscription

Dedicated to discovery - National Geographic is aimed at adventurers and explorers who have a deep curiosity for natural knowledge. Released monthly, this award-winning publication deserves its reputation as the best nature magazine on the market. Each engaging and entertaining issue is packed full of breathtaking photography and empowering in-depth articles that are sure to inspire and enthuse you each time it lands through your letterbox. Encouraging you to explore far-flung countries and cultures through powerful photography and journalism, a National Geographic magazine subscription is an absolute must-have for those wishing to learn more about our natural world. 

If you are keen to nurture your child's natural curiosities, National Geographic Kids provides a comprehensive compass that can navigate their interests towards a deeper understanding and enhance your shared love of the great outdoors. For even younger budding adventurers, National Geographic Little Kids is the aesthetically pleasing and accessible magazine that will have your tiny travellers excited to explore nature with you every time you and your family head outside to make new memories.

BBC Wildlife

BBC Wildlife magazine subscription

Providing passionate animal lovers with hours of entertainment and education every month - BBC Wildlife takes a walk on the wild side to bring you closer to the majestic creatures that we share our world with. Offering unrivalled access to the fascinating animals living on land, sea, and air, this expert-led publication traverses the globe to teach you the routines, rituals, and reasons behind the behaviours of beasts, both big and small. Covering every type of animal imaginable - from everyday insects to rare and endangered species - BBC Wildlife is the perfect combination of fascinating facts and eye-opening photography that is always informative and engaging.


Geographical magazine subscription

As the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society - Geographical is a trusted resource of knowledge that is sure to enhance the endeavours of those interested in geography, nature, and world culture. Covering a wide variety of topics that will surely cater to every type of nature lover, this monthly magazine takes a deep dive into the latest environmental, social, and governance issues faced by society and highlights what actions can be taken to help support our natural world. Whether you are fascinated by forest conservation, concerned about climate change, or simply keen to learn more about different cultures and countries across the globe - a Geographical magazine subscription is perfect for broadening horizons and building understanding.

BBC Sky at Night

BBC Sky at Night magazine subscription

Satisfying star-gazers of all ages and abilities - BBC Sky At Night combines nature and science to help you explore the magic of the night sky. Dedicated to quenching your thirst for astronomical answers, this must-have monthly magazine is created by experts who want to share their passion and intelligence with those fascinated by the infinite canvas of outer space. Each issue takes you through the stars and past the planets to uncover the latest space explorations, insights into cosmological discoveries, and reviews and recommendations of the right equipment for your sky-gazing needs. Whether you're an experienced astronomer or a novice night watcher - a BBC Sky At Night magazine subscription is sure to cater to your solar system curiosities.

BBC Countryfile

BBC Countryfile magazine subscription

Proud to be the number one country living magazine on the market, BBC Countryfile showcases everything quintessentially British. Navigating all corners of the British natural world - from lavish landscapes to the intriguing animal kingdom - this monthly title is an absolute must-have for those looking to make the most out of Britain's beautiful countryside. Perfect for planning a family adventure to a rugged coast or creating an itinerary to explore the greatest homes and gardens across the country, your BBC Countryfile magazine subscription is always at hand to help you uncover the brilliance of the Great British countryside.

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors magazine subscription

For avid adventurers, The Great Outdoors encourages explorers to lace up their walking boots and immerse themselves in nature. Each issue details plenty of great walking routes around England, Scotland, and Wales in a bid to help you find your next exciting outdoor adventure. Featuring expert advice, kit reviews and recommendations, and guidance on how to make the most out of your next ramble - a The Great Outdoors magazine subscription is the must-have compass that will help you navigate the challenging yet rewarding walks that make the Great British landscape so attractively endearing.

 Whether you are wild about wildlife, an avid astronomer, are eager to explore, or simply want to spend more time outdoors - nurture your love of nature with a nature magazine subscription. From rolling landscapes to incredible creatures, fill your next expedition with education and encouragement with one of our best nature magazines.

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