The 5 Best Travel Magazines

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The 5 Best Travel Magazines

The 5 Best Travel Magazines

Whether you love jetting off every weekend, or maybe you just like to rewind with a luxurious summer holiday, our guide to the 5 best travel magazines will give you that spark of inspiration to book your next holiday.

Here at, we are always planning our next holiday, whether that’s a staycation in Cornwall or a once in a lifetime trip to Japan, but sometimes we need a hint of inspiration with the help of a travel magazine subscription.

Satisfy your wanderlust and explore our range of travel magazines - packed full of helpful location guides, breathtaking photography and the best places to eat and stay - perfect for all kinds of traveller.


1. National Geographic Traveller

national geographic traveller

Enriched with culture, places, wildlife, history and people, National Geographic Traveller showcases locations all across the world, from the thermal caves of Tuscany, the bustling streets of Vietnam, to the oh so stylish Maldives.

Brimming with adventure and culture excursions, you’ll definitely satisfy your itch for a new experience, whether that’s adventuring around the Temple of Hatshepsut in Egypt, meandering around the calm waters of Venice or an epic road trip around the USA, National Geographic Traveller is the perfect read for the avid traveller.


2. Discover Britain

Discover Britain Magazine

If staycations are your go-to travel option then Discover Britain magazine subscription is exactly what you’ll need to inspire your next trip, right on your doorstep. With everything from the Scottish highlands, regal castles to pebbled coasts, there’s so much to read and explore in Discover Britain.

Whether you like to hike around national parks, cruise along canals, take a trip to the seaside or explore historic buildings, there’s something for everyone in Discover Britain. Filled with in-depth city guides, stunning photography and a whole host of history, there’s always something new to learn with Discover Britain magazine.


3. Wanderlust

Wanderlust magazine

Wanderlust collects all of the best places to visit, from hidden treasures, flourishing national parks to extravagant hotels, and wraps them up into a resourceful travel companion. Whether you’re looking for a travel hot list, cultural insight or a fresh new location to visit, discover this within a Wanderlust magazine subscription.

Looking to attend events around the world? Stay up-to-date with all the latest going-ons with their regular travel news features, and if you’re curious about the best travel gear to make your trip that bit easier, you’ll find all this and more in Wanderlust magazine.


4. Practical Motorhome

Practical motorhome magazine

If you prefer to travel in the comfort of your own home (away from home), then you’ll simply love Practical Motorhome magazine. Every issue comes brimming with advice on buying your own motorhome, the best places to visit and park up for the night, and how to keep your majestic beast driving smoothly and safely.

Whether you’re looking to plan your next UK road trip or discover somewhere overseas, Practical Motorhome will provide all the inspiration you need, plus all the events you can attend to meet fellow motorhomers along the way!


5. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Magazine

Explore the world’s most exciting destinations through beautiful photographs and award-winning editorial in Lonely Planet magazine, from hidden favourites and luscious jungles to vibrant cities. Whether you’re looking for your next city break, relaxing long trips or an upcoming adventure holiday, get inspired with a Lonely Planet magazine subscription.

Jam-packed with ‘tear-out guides’ in every issue, Lonely Planet, covers topics such as culture, romance, eating out and making your budget stretch further, it’s a traveller’s best friend. If you’re looking to view the world from a different perspective you will certainly find joy with Lonely Planet magazine


Feeling ready to jet off and explore a new country? Don’t forget to pack one of our 5 best travel magazines in your suitcase to accompany you or explore our entire range of travel magazines available.

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