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Providing families with a great resource of entertainment and brain training - Family Criss Cross contains a varied selection of criss cross puzzles that are both challenging and addictive. Putting a fresh spin on the classic crossword, criss cross puzzles improve your critical thinking and progress in your problem-solving abilities.

Easy to pick up, yet difficult to master - the criss cross words are listed according to length, and your task is to fit them into the empty grid jigsaw-style, reading across and down. Each issue of Family Criss Cross is packed with a huge collection of criss cross puzzles that cater to all ages, experience levels and skill sets. Each puzzle varies in difficulty and theme to offer variety alongside value, and every monthly edition is sure to entice and enthuse you and the family every time it lands through your letterbox.

With a £1,500 cash competition to be won and puzzles for all of the family - a Family Criss Cross magazine subscription is perfect for when you are on the move, on your lunch break, or at home spending quality time with your loved ones!
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