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Satisfying the needs of Sudoku solvers - PuzzleLife Killer Sudoku is a challenging yet rewarding magazine that will progress your puzzle-solving pursuits. Packed full of brain-busting killer sudokus, the magazine is a must-have for master sudoku puzzlers looking to test their skills against a more challenging variation of the classic sudoku puzzle.

Created for advanced sudoku specialists, PuzzleLife Killer Sudoku provides a wide range of killer sudoku puzzles that encourage critical thinking, fast mental arithmetic, and patient persistence. Each bi-monthly issue is as addictive as it is testing, and the title prides itself on being the only mini-magazine on the market with 100% killer puzzles for you to test your mathematical mettle.

With a £2,500 cash prize in every issue and an eclectic range of killer sudoku puzzles waiting to be conquered - a PuzzleLife Killer Sudoku magazine subscription is perfect for seasoned sudoku solvers looking to take on some of the toughest killer sudoku puzzles available!
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