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Proud to hold the title of Britain’s best-selling crossword pad - PuzzlePad Crosswords is a must-have for those who love to conquer crosswords. Providing you with a pad of tempting tear-out-and-solve crossword puzzles, PuzzlePad Crosswords strikes the perfect balance of being conveniently sized and consistently challenging. Crosswords are a fantastic way to keep the mind sharp and help you improve your focus and problem-solving capabilities.

Whether you are a crossword connoisseur or keen to challenge yourself with crosswords for the first time, PuzzlePad Crosswords has got you covered. With 288 pages full of puzzles that vary in difficulty, the publication caters to those looking to train the brain on the go, those who love to make the most of their lunch breaks, and those who like to spend their free time doing something productive. Perfectly sized for all your puzzling needs - a PuzzlePad Crosswords magazine subscription will take your puzzle-solving skills to the next level.

Provide purpose to your commute, or learn to problem solve during your lunchtime - subscribe to PuzzlePad Crosswords today!
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