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Supplying sudoku lovers with an entertaining yet challenging collection of puzzles every month - PuzzleLife PuzzlePad Sudoku is perfect for those looking to progress their puzzling prowess. Presented in an accessible and attractive format, the magazine is a chunky, handy-sized pad of sudoku that you can tear out and solve on your commute, on your lunch break or from the comfort of your own home.

Providing passionate puzzlers with the ability to tear and share the challenges, each issue of PuzzleLife PuzzlePad Sudoku is packed full of puzzles that provide fun for all the family. With 288 pages packed full of sudoku puzzles that are easy to pick up but difficult to master, it's a must-have for those that like to train the brain.

Whether you have been solving sudoku puzzles for years or are looking for an outlet to occupy your mind during precious free time, a PuzzleLife PuzzlePad Sudoku magazine subscription is sure to satisfy your problem-solving needs.

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