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Providing elite sudoku solvers with a collection of the hardest sudokus available on the market, PuzzleLife Sudoku Extreme 9-10 is suited to the very best problem solvers. Extreme by name, extreme by nature, this publication is packed with 89 perplexing puzzles that never hold their punches.

Created to entice experts, PuzzleLife Sudoku Extreme 9-10 presents a carefully chosen selection of sudoku puzzles that are sure to tempt and test those who are at the very top of the sudoku-solving game. Encouraging established puzzlers to really test their mettle against a series of sudoku puzzles that are not for the faint-hearted, this magazine is a must-have for those who take their sudoku solving very seriously.

With a £2,500 competition in every issue and the potential to complete a variety of puzzles designed to trouble sudoku masters - a PuzzleLife Sudoku Extreme 9-10 magazine subscription dares you to tackle some of the most dastardly sudokus ever seen.
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