The 5 Best Business Magazines UK

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The 5 Best Business Magazines UK

The 5 Best Business Magazines UK

Covering all aspects of the business world, from media and economics to startups and technology, our guide to the 5 best business magazines showcases the best reads for all areas of the industry.

1. Campaign 

Campaign Magazine

Curious about keeping up with the fast-changing media industry, Campaign features advertising, media, marketing and commercial creativity. Packed full of in-depth analysis, industry expert interviews, case studies and reports, you’ll discover everything you need to know to keep you up to speed. 

Featuring opinions and articles that set the tone for the future of the media industry, Campaign magazine will be your go-to read for insights and updates. Additionally, Campaign releases special reports including The A-List, School Reports and Power 100, ensuring that their readers discover who’s up and who's down as well as who’s new to the game. 


2. The Economist

The Economist magazine

For news and analysis with a global perspective, The Economist brings knowledge and clarity to world events. Keep up to date with political and business news from across the globe with The Economist’s insights and opinions that set them apart from other publications.

Each week you’ll get the facts behind the latest news including current affairs, business, technology, finance and politics. If there are any major developments around the world, you’ll be kept up to date with in-depth features and precision reporting. Go beyond the headlines and into the stories with a subscription to The Economist magazine.


3. Prospect 

Prospect Magazine

Understand the big ideas that are shaping our world with Prospect magazine. Packed full of informed opinions on today's news, Prospect covers topics including business, technology, politics and much more. You’ll discover the latest from the brightest minds, thought pieces from key figures, as well as controversial topics to get your brain pondering. 

Prospect will give you an informed view on current affairs, from interest rates and political parties to trade unions and philosophers reshaping our times. Inside every issue of Prospect magazine, you’ll be open to in-depth analysis of the world's news, debates on hot topics, reviews and opinions on relevant books and art and much more. 


4. What Investment

What Investment magazine

The essential read for anyone interested in having a wealthier future, What Investment magazine is suited for those just starting in investment, as well as those familiar with stocks and shares and are ready to explore even more opportunities across the market. 

Featuring topics such as how to make sure your pension outlives you, how to deal with risk, what accounts are best suited for your investments, how to avoid pitfalls when you start venture investment and much more. What Investment magazine is the go-to guide to making you a better investor.



Wired magazine

Stimulating your mind on a wide array of topics, WIRED magazine shares the latest news on current affairs, from politics and technology to business and science. Inside every issue, you’ll discover the most innovative startups, the latest scientific advances as well as interviews with game-changing people.

Whether you’re curious about the most hyped security device, Apple’s next move or you enjoy WIRED’s thought-provoking topics, you’ll be engrossed for hours with this magazine.   Known for telling its readers what’s next for big ideas, technology advancements, culture, business and more, you’ll never miss out on breaking news with a Wired magazine subscription.


Whether you’re looking for the latest news, a better understanding of the media industry or expert financial advice, we are sure one of our 5 best business magazines will suit you. 

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