The Best Educational Magazines

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The Best Educational Magazines

Knowledge is power and education is the great engine of personal development. Here at, we have a broad selection of educational magazines that can power up your development. With a variety of publications that are tailored to teaching you more, choosing a magazine subscription is the smart way to satisfy your educational curiosities.

Reading is a fantastic  way to increase your intelligence, enhance your education, and broaden your brain’s horizons. If you want to learn more about something you already love, or if you are keen to explore a subject that you know nothing about yet - there is a magazine subscription that will enhance your educational endeavours. 

Titles such as The Woodworker and ClayCraft cater to creative minds who are handy with their hands. For those who enjoy the great outdoors, we have a variety of magazines that improve your passion with expert-led knowledge. Angling Times arms ambitious anglers with all they need to know to secure success next time they take to the water, and National Geographic Traveller informs and enthuses keen travellers with a trusted resource of guidance and education to help them navigate towards their next perfect adventure.

Whatever topic tempts you the most, we have the top educational magazines to help you progress your personal development further. Read on to find your perfect educational partner amongst our best educational magazines…

Empire Magazine

Hobby Magazines

It is important to have hobbies and interests. Pursuing a passion is a great way to stay mentally active, and offers an outlet that encourages interaction with like-minded people. A subscription to one of our hobby & leisure magazines is a fantastic way to discover and develop new skills.

For film-buffs, Empire strikes the perfect balance between education and entertainment. With eye-opening insights from top directors and movie stars, and reviews and recommendations of films from around the globe, a magazine subscription to this critically acclaimed publication is certain to maximise your movie knowledge.

For those who prefer to spend their time behind a camera and outside, Outdoor Photography keeps you focused with expert advice on how to become a prolific photographer whilst out in the wild. Wherever your interests lie, we have a title that will teach you more.

First News Newspaper

Kids Magazines

Keen to encourage your children's interests? Our range of kids magazines are certain to keep young minds entertained and engaged. With screen time becoming more & more prevalent these days, it is important to keep youthful eyes focused on more than just apps and games. Titles like First News and The Week Junior educate children with accessible and advantageous content that keeps them up to date with world news, and promotes an interest in current events.

For curious children who are always asking what? where? how? and when? - How It Works and All About History provides them with answers that manage to quench their questions, and develop their intrigue further. If your little ones are eager environmentalists, Eco Kids Planet is certain to nurture their natural interests. Whatever curiosities your children have, there is an educational magazine that can cater to their interests.

Puzzler Collection magazine

Brainteaser Magazines

Built to bolster the brain, brain teaser magazines are the perfect tool to train the mind. Packed full of challenging puzzles that are both educational and entertaining, these titles are ideal for engaging young minds and keeping more senior brains active. Proud to be the UK’s best-selling puzzle publication, Puzzler Collection provides you with a varied selection of challenges that cater to your preferred puzzle discipline.

If you consider yourself more of a crossword connoisseur, Crosswords Collection is certain to cater to your needs. Every issue teases you with over 100 crosswords that are just waiting to be conquered. Last but certainly not least - Logic Problems is a must-have for those who love to solve problems. This one-of-a-kind magazine merges story-telling with puzzle solving to create a uniquely challenging cocktail of critical thinking and mystery solving.

The Week magazine

News Magazines

Educating yourself with the latest news that shapes our society is the perfect way to stay present. Providing you with insight into the world’s biggest issues - our range of news magazines are certain to keep your finger on the pulse of current affairs. As one of the most trusted names on the newsstand today -  Reader’s Digest offers an unbiased deep-dive into a variety of topics ranging from financial advice to true-life tales.

If you would rather focus on the here and now, The Week will navigate you through whatever stories are making the headlines each and every week. Delivered to you in a digestible, yet detailed format, it is a must-have for anyone who likes to remain up to date. For those hoping to better understand the wider & wilder world, National Geographic delivers adventure and perspective with an insightfully endearing narrative that looks at the wonderful nature of the world around us.

Enhance your knowledge with a subscription to one of our top education magazines. Improve your skills, increase your repertoire or learn something completely new with an educational magazine subscription from!


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