The Best Sports Magazines

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The Best Sports Magazines

The Best Sports Magazines

Sport is a great way to stay fit and supplies us with an endless resource of entertainment and drama. Nothing beats the competitive nature of people trying to better one another (or themselves) in an activity that demands discipline, hard work and perseverance. Committing to a sport yourself or supporting those that dedicate their lives to something you love is both endearing and engaging. Playing sports is a great way to stay in shape and socialise, and pledging allegiance to a team or an individual is a decision that lasts a lifetime.

Here at - we support sports fans. Providing you with eye-opening insights from household names, information on how to improve your personal performance, fixture details and post-match analysis - a sports magazine subscription is a surefire way to keep you in the know and up to date with your favoured sport.

Whether you play as a hobby, compete against others, or simply love to settle down and spectate - we have a magazine for followers of all sorts of sports. From football to fishing and watersports to walking - there is something for everyone. Expand your sporting knowledge by exploring our huge range of sports magazines to find your perfect sporting teammate.

Men's Health magazine

Health & Fitness Magazines

For those focused on their general health and well-being - a subscription to one of our health and fitness magazines can keep you educated, enthused and on track to achieving your goals. For men looking to embark on a healthier lifestyle, Men’s Health highlights the hints and tips from industry-leading experts to help you, or the man in your life, make the right choices when it comes to diet, fashion, exercise and much more. Leaning into similar lanes of discipline for the ladies - Women’s Health offers a helping hand for women looking to make better choices to live a healthier, happier life with a publication packed with inspiration and encouragement. If you're focused more on improving your physical prowess, Men’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness provides a comprehensive guide to enhance the exercising exploits of men and women of all ages, fitness levels and skill sets.

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Match magazine

Football Magazines

Fanatical about football? Our football magazines are certain to promote your footballing knowledge to the next level. We have a great selection of titles that cover everything you need to know about the beautiful game. FourFourTwo fuels the fascination of footy fans with an exciting deep dive into the news, the fixtures, the teams and the players that make the world of football so exciting. For younger football fans looking to learn more - Match covers the game's biggest names to bring fans closer to what makes their idols tick. With posters, prizes, stickers and much, much more in every issue, the publication is perfect for young supporters looking to satisfy their footballing fix. Last, but by no means least, comes World Soccer. This magazine is a must-have for fans who are keen to culture themselves about football from around the globe. Keeping you up to date with the biggest leagues worldwide and offering a level of insight into the new names that are likely to take the footballing world by storm - this magazine is perfect for those looking to absorb an eclectic range of soccer knowledge.

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Cycling Plus Magazine

Cycling Magazines

Catering to cyclists looking to make the most of their hobby - our magazines about a sport that continues to grow are sure to enhance your outdoor endeavours. Whether you like to cycle on the road or test yourself on trail routes, we have got you covered. Cycling Weekly steers you towards all the latest news and developments within the world of cycling and reviews & recommends the kit and accessories that will help you improve as a cyclist. For established cyclists and those keen to get into a challenging yet rewarding sport for the first time, Cycling Plus provides advice and guidance for cyclists of all ages, experience levels, and skill sets. If you prefer to get off the road and onto more challenging terrain - a subscription to Mountain Biking UK is perfect for you. Proud to be the UK’s biggest and bestselling mountain biking mag, the publication provides you with everything you need to know about a sport that is adrenaline-fuelled and fun. If you are looking to increase your cycling capacity, subscribe to one of our cycling magazines today!

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Women's Running magazine

Running Magazines

Do you wish to improve your personal best, or want to take on a sport that gets your body pumping and heart racing? One of our running titles is the perfect sports magazine for you. Runner’s World rallies together all the latest news and developments and pairs them with advice and guidance on how to progress your performance. Bringing beginners and seasoned runners together with a monthly magazine that caters to all experience levels, the expert team is committed to encouraging your healthy pursuits. For Women who want to run faster, longer, and more often - Women’s Running is packed full of inspiration and advice that can improve your running abilities. Created for women by women who understand the difficulty of finding time to exercise alongside other commitments, the magazine is here to advance the ambitions of women of all ages and experiences. Save when you subscribe, and look forward to a regular dose of running inspiration.

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Total Carp magazine

Fishing Magazines

Whether you are an amateur angler or an established fisherman/woman, there is a fishing magazine that can help you land success each time you cast out. Match Fishing matches your enthusiasm with their expert-led education to ensure that you keep catching every time you take to the water. With reviews and recommendations alongside guidance and advice, the publication is a tried and tested resource of information that can improve your fishing exploits. If you are looking to learn more about fishing for carp, Total Carp is the definitive guide to finding and catching one of water's most majestic creatures. Each issue is packed with practical guidance on how to catch bigger carp and features detailed analysis and insights from leading experts that will reel you in each time it lands through your letterbox. For those with a broader interest in fishing - Angling Times is Britain's bestselling weekly for anglers. Sharing the best places to fish, fantastic stories from fellow fishing fanatics and what’s getting caught near you - the magazine is a must-have for fishing aficionados of all ages and experience levels.

Reel in one of our best fishing magazines.

Whether you are a spectator or partaker - we have the perfect sports magazine subscription for you. As well as the above sports, you’ll find magazines about horse riding, cricket, rugby, motorsports, golf and more.


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