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Enter our Super Summer Prize Draw


To celebrate the long-awaited arrival of our great British summer we’re throwing a good old fashioned raffle.

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Top UK food festivals


Food festivals are a relatively new concept. Fuelled by the explosion in popularity of street food, these feel-good sun-drenched shindigs combine food, music and of course the odd bevvy to create the perfect summertime event.

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Celebrating gardening at Hampton Court Flower Show


The RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) is world-renowned for quality gardening advice and support for a large number of horticulturalists and gardeners.

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Top 10 alternative UK music festivals


Reading. Leeds. V Fest. And of course the infamous Glastonbury. Summer has become such an important time for music, with more UK music festivals than ever before. But some people might be put off by the big crowds and even bigger price tags.

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Top UK fashion bloggers 2015

We love fashion blogs so much here at that we decided to share with you some of our favourites. These ladies have carved out a serious space for themselves in the UK fashion bloggers landscape. Look no further than this list for the hottest fashion tips.

Our top fashion bloggers


Camille Charrière


As a half English, half French ex-lawyer turned fashion journalist, Camille effortlessly mixes Parisian chic with cool Brit style. Read More

Win theatre vouchers and £40 worth of magazines!


To win, submit a video of you reading a mag in the craziest place possible — think on a jet ski or up a tree. The winner gets a £40 gift card for & £40 to spend at There's also £100 of prizes for four runners up.

You can enter using the form below, or on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #crazymagcomp.

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Getting crafty at the Brighton Etsy Craft Party

We got our craft on at the Brighton Etsy team's fabulous Craft Party.


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HELLO! and OK! are two of the best-selling magazines, both here on and across the country.

At first glance they seem pretty similar. They both have red logos. They’re both exclamations! And their front covers are both plastered with famous faces and sensationally shocking headlines.

So are there really that many differences? How’s a guy or gal supposed to choose between the two?

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Punctuation — is it necessary?

Image via Kevin Trotman

There was a mixed reaction when the idea for this article was first batted about the office. The non-writers reared up in apprehension: “What a boring idea. Who would read an article about punctuation?” they scorned.

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Animals in space

Image via Polandeze

Animals have been sent into space since the first rockets left earth. From flies and ants to monkeys and dogs - we’ve sent all kinds of creatures across the final frontier to observe their behaviour in outer space conditions.

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