Dog Lovers, Did You Know About Blood Banks for Dogs?

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 Did You Know About Blood Banks for DogsDog Lovers, did you know about blood banks for dogs?

If not, this one goes out to you.

Has your dog ever been seriously ill?
Is your dog due for surgery?
Does Rover run off lead?
How lungworm aware are you?

All of the above are risk factors for blood loss. From haemorrhage during an op, to a road traffic accident, or uncontrolled bleeding due to lungworm; there are so many reasons why your dog might one day need a blood transfusion.

The good news is there are heroic charities out there that collect blood donations from dogs and then step up with the life-saving red stuff for dogs in need. What’s more these amazing charities don’t charge for the blood, their work is done purely for the welfare of pets and working dogs alike.

However, this safety-net depends on donations given by dogs just like yours. No donations, no blood bank: Which is why we want to raise awareness of doggie blood banks and the amazing work they do. Take a look at the infographic below to learn how vital this service is, then spread the word with other dog-lovers by sharing and even getting involved.

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May all your tails be happy ones!

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Dog Blood Bank Infographic


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