Magazine Subscriptions for Father’s Day

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Magazine Subscriptions for Father's Day

Magazine Subscriptions for Father’s Day

Finding the ideal Father’s Day present can be tricky. We all want to deliver a gift that reflects just how important our father figure is to us - but there must be more to offer than a bottle of whisky or a bar of chocolate, right? Luckily for you - we have the perfect solution. Here at, we have a huge selection of titles that are certain to engage and enthuse all types of Dads with all sorts of hobbies.

A magazine subscription for your Dad, Grandad, Step-Dad, Uncle, Father-in-Law, Brother - or anyone else you hold dear - is a fantastic Father’s Day treat that keeps on giving throughout the year. Focusing on whatever interests your father figure the most - you can be responsible for educating and enthusing your Dad with a trusted resource of entertainment and inspiration every time a new issue is delivered directly to their door.   

This dedicated Father’s Day Gift Guide highlights just some of the phenomenal publications that are certain to spike the interest of whoever you are buying for this year. Whether you are looking to satisfy a sports fan, are keen to fuel the fascination of a film lover, or want to bring ideas and inspiration to a budding baker - we have a must-have Father's Day magazine gift for your much-loved Dad. Find inspiration and ideas by reading our Father’s Day Gift Guide and choose the perfect magazine subscription that focuses on your Dad’s favourite pastime…

delicious. Magazine

Magazines for Men

If you're not sure where to start - our magazines for men section is sure to have a subscription that will satisfy all sorts of interests. These bestselling titles are certain to progress the pursuits of your parent this Father’s Day, and our eclectic range of popular publications can provide you with a gift that keeps on giving. For those who love to explore, National Geographic navigates the globe to educate and enthuse those who find delight in discovery. Each monthly issue is packed with insightful articles and stunning photography to broaden horizons and features captivating content that caters to the curious and adventurous. For father figures that prefer to traverse through cuisines to tantalise their taste buds, delicious. delivers an exciting and experimental exploration into food and drink in a bid to maximise mealtimes and further their food fascination.

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FourFourTwo Magazine

Sports Magazines

Are you seeking to satisfy a sports fan's needs? We have a wide range of magazines for Dads that love nothing more than following their favourite sporting personality or team - and those who prefer to play & compete. Our sports magazines can serve up a selection of insights, stats, advice, and inspiration to keep their passion moving forward. For football fanatics - FourFourTwo offers a compelling and comprehensive guide to the beautiful game. Released monthly, a subscription to this entertaining and educational title promises to promote your Dad’s footballing knowledge into a league of its own. If your Father prefers to follow a path that focuses on his own fitness, Runner’s World is a reliable resource of encouragement and information that can improve the performance and progress the passion of your loved one this Father’s Day. Whatever their preferred sport, and however they want to pursue it - we have a magazine that is tailored to their needs.

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Classic Rock Magazine

Hobbies & Leisure Magazines

Show your Dad that you know exactly what makes him tick - with a subscription to one of our hobbies and leisure magazines. With a varied collection of titles that focus on your Father’s favourite way to spend his free time - this section might be the home of the best magazines for Dad. For music lovers that revel in rocking out, Classic Rock takes their audience behind the scenes and closer to the action with a publication that is as passionate about rock music as its loyal reader base is. Each issue features eye-opening interviews and insights that will reignite your father figure’s rock n roll roots and help him discover new and exciting bands to bolster his rock repertoire. If your Dad prefers to get behind the wheel, Classic and Sports Car is a must-have for motor-heads. Catering to all kinds of car enthusiasts, the magazine is a one-stop shop for all sorts of motoring needs. With an in-depth analysis of beloved classics and exciting new models - this title is terrific for those looking to take their love of cars up a gear.

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Total Film Magazine

Entertainment Magazines

Searching for a subscription that will satisfy cinephiles, TV fans or gadget lovers? We've got an entertainment magazine that will enthuse them. If your Dad is entertained by escaping into the wonderful world of film - Total Film is the perfect read for movie-buffs that want to culture themselves in all things cinema. Each issue is full to the brim with the latest reviews, interviews, ratings and news to ensure that your loved one is kept up to date and in the know when it comes to blockbusters, independent cinema, and all that is in between. For those that prefer to geek out over gadgets, Stuff magazine is sure to satisfy their tech needs with a comprehensive guide to the latest and greatest pieces of kit that are shaping today’s society and future. Whether your Dad loves the silver screen or is in the market for the very latest TV screen, we have a subscription that will keep him entertained and engaged.

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BBC Good Food Magazine

Food & Drink Magazines

For the foodie Fathers that simply love to cook, and the Dads that find delight in delicious meals - our food & drink magazines offer a menu of inspiration and education to really get their culinary juices flowing. BBC Good Food is the UK’s bestselling food magazine that encourages readers to broaden their horizons every time they create something tasty in the kitchen. Each monthly issue is packed full of recipes and ideas that can encourage your Father's passion for food. If your loved one is more of a baker than a chef, Bake & Decorate is bursting with ideas that can help them rise from a beginner into a star baker. Whatever their experience or skill set, these magazines can help maximise their hobby with carefully created content that caters to those who are fascinated by food.

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How It Works Magazine

Science & Nature Magazines

Created for the curious, our science and nature magazines offer essential reading to Dads that love to discover. Delving into all types of scientific disciplines, these titles are a trusted resource of intelligence and information that can bolster the understanding of the fascinating world in which we all reside. Touching on all types of topics, How It Works stays true to its title by traversing the globe to better understand science, technology, history, different cultures and much, much more. Perfect for those who like to learn about everything - this is a subscription that is sure to quench the thirst of the inquisitive. For those whose interests lie further afield, All About Space rockets into the great unknown in a bid to better understand the sheer scale of the universe - and beyond!

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Whatever fascinates your Father or loved one the most - we have the perfect magazine subscription just for them. Celebrate them this Father's Day with a gift that keeps on giving!
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