The 6 Best Nature Magazines

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the 6 best nature magazines

The 6 Best Nature Magazines

Whether you’re an animal lover, aspiring astrologer or you simply find peace by being outdoors, our guide to the 6 best nature magazines will spur your curiosity, inspire your travels and ignite your passion for the great outdoors.

We have an array of nature magazines here at, from science and geography to wildlife and astrology, there’s definitely one for you!


1. Science+Nature

Science+Nature Magazine

Brimming with incredible articles to help you make sense of the universe, from robots and superhumans to top tech and space missions, Science+Nature magazine will ignite your child’s curiosity. They’ll discover intriguing science, technology, maths, nature and engineering facts that’ll satisfy their (and your) pondering mind.

The perfect introduction to the universe and everything within it, Science+Nature is great for children aged 8 to 15, igniting a passion for exploration as well as spurring discussions and awareness of the planet we live on. Unpack marvellous stories and let them begin their voyage of discovery with a magazine subscription to Science+Nature.


2. National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine

Discover adventure on every page of National Geographic with breathtaking photography and empowering features to inspire you. Brimming with historical wonders and new discoveries in each and every issue, you’ll be amazed by mind-blowing facts and wish-you-were-there locations.

Explore far-flung countries and cultures through powerful, award-winning photography and stories which spark interest and push the boundaries of knowledge, National Geographic magazine is the definition of journalism with purpose. Venture on a new expedition with a magazine subscription to National Geographic today.  


3. BBC Wildlife

BBC Wildlife Magazine

If you’re a passionate animal lover, you’ll be engrossed for hours with BBC Wildlife magazine. Discover the magical animals living on land, sea and air, from everyday insects to rare and endangered species in every issue. Experience the beauty of wildlife all across the world from Scottish dolphins and India’s lions to China’s protected Pandas, you’ll find breathtaking photographs and intriguing facts in every issue of BBC Wildlife magazine.

Stay up-to-date with wildlife news, from conservation reports to population worries, as well as learning more about animals and their unique features with a BBC Wildlife magazine subscription.  

4. Geographical

Geographical Magazine

The official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society, Geographical is the perfect magazine if you have a keen interest in geography, nature and world culture. Whether you’re curious to know more about forest conservations and climate change or eager to learn about different cultures and locations across the world, then you can find all of this and more in Geographical.

Featuring engaging topics from missing harbour seals, coffee-growing projects in Mozambique to fighting poachers with artificial intelligence, immerse yourself in Geographical magazine and discover fascinating insights into the captivating world around you.


5. BBC Sky at Night

BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Explore the magic of the night sky and satisfy your hunger for astronomical answers with BBC Sky at Night magazine. Taking you through the stars and past the planets, you’ll uncover the latest space explorations, insight into cosmological discoveries and the best equipment to perfect your sky gazing.

Whether you’re a keen astronomer or an amateur sky gazer, BBC Sky at Night is the ultimate guide to astronomy, featuring star charts, practical tutorials and comprehensive classes, you’ll receive detailed advice on how to get the very best views of each month’s night sky.


6. BBC Countryfile

BBC Countryfile Magazine

BBC Countryfile is the number one country living magazine showcasing everything quintessentially British. Brimming with period architecture, lavish landscapes and adorable wildlife, BBC Countryfile is the go-to guide to making the most out of Britain’s countryside. Whether you’re planning a family adventure to the coast or you’re craving to explore some of the greatest homes and garden across the country, you’ll uncover parts of Britain you didn’t know existed in each and every issue.

Get stuck into the countryside with articles featuring the best kit to buy if you’re planning a nature walk, as well as recommended ways you can experience local traditions. Embrace nature with a magazine subscription to BBC Countryfile and lavish yourself in the countryside.


Be inspired to get off your sofa and experience something new with one of our 6 best nature magazines - from rolling landscapes to incredible creatures, no matter what your preference, we have a magazine to inspire your next expedition.

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